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shit poetry corner

it's shit

27 November 1979
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i am not a poet as you will see
my dead betta might be better than me
angry youth comix, baby pockets, bettas-mainly my betta ernesto, bob log 111, cactus, camus, cards, chess, cooking, cooking vegetarian food, croonin' with nancy, daas, emmylou harris, graham coxon, irvine welsh, jeff lewis, jonathon richman, minnie pearl, moe tucker, moldy peaches, movin' with nancy, my dan electro, my little vox amp, orwell, patsy cline, peter pan, preparin' wills with nancy, readin' with nancy, reading signs, sam the sham, sartre, shopliftin' with nancy, smokin' with nancy, spewin' with nancy, staining the carpet, stealing menus from restaurants, stephen fry, the apples in stereo, the beaker car, the dead milkmen, the delgados, the elastik band, the rutles, the war on television, third swamp reserve, trippin' with nancy, ween, will preparation, writin' with nancy, writing shitty poetry, yatsura