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11th-Nov-2008 03:40 pm - Cooking the Teacher's Wife
i used to be under the thumb
not allowed to talk to anyone
My past, his shame
My old friends, all lame
A chance meeting in the street
he would look at his
"Was she a slut like Leah and you?"
"I really hate tattoos."
i just said that she was the creative one
which is why i liked the ink on her arm
and he is why is i've never said
the things that i have thought
about your art, mind and heart
and for that i am ashamed
that i never had the guts to say
that 'i wanted to go to a friend's art show'
to afraid he would say no
My uni friends that only ones
who couldn't offend because
they weren't there in my past
not my old crew who for him were drunken shames
so i had to pretend i didn't want to party anymore
when all i'd ever wanted was for him to with them
but a judgmental, jealous boyfriend + Amplifiers = no fun

I'm glad now he can't hold my association against anyone
but some hypocrisies can hurt
which is really not that much fun

Now I still fall asleep instead of making it to the Bakery
but I am allowed to try
and say Hi
and am Happy that I have worked out
I can have my past again
the one where we all had fun
and I'm that I know everyone
9th-Nov-2008 01:59 am - i wish
i wish i didn't know and i know it is how it is
when we never knew and then we were absolved
but i dont want to stop now
they can't change our path
i don't want to
i don't want to be involved but it stands
and i stand, i stand alone
i don't pray to your god
i don't get your rules
my bones don't burn to ashes
they crunch and crack
and people laugh but you're are just all trying
and not trying hard enough
i've not heard them in so long
i need to hear them
hear them all
it's what i want and will not settle for less
crumbles, ashes, dust and dirt
you can not hurt
he can do no wrong
i want to go home
"i've fallen another time, a time when we first met
and now i'll wait another 1000 years
i let myself forget you
and now i'll wait another 1000 years"
18th-Oct-2008 10:36 pm - hester's
i follow the trail of blood past my old primary school
past the oval where as a kid i thought the trees weren't that tall
and now i know they are huge compared to most in suburbia
the hill isn't as big as i thought and i'm not as far from home
as it used to feel.
white concrete poodles stare down at me from brick walls
and i never appreciated the petrol station while it was there
it was awful infact, a shoe box of flicking lights and shiny wrappers
now the fence means i can't cut across when it's hot
or cold and windy.
the gravel scares me, always has, i dont't go there at night
even though i love the river on a hot night, even i'm not that dumb
it's not that i should be really but i help it because when i'm alone
i see the tyres, puddles, rusted machinery and bedding dying
in the red clay.
i drank the lollie water like it was cactus
the intoxication was like before
but the tunes weren't the same
and I'm not the same and
it does not betray the thought
to backspace or try again
sometimes, yes you leave the thought
but mostly you move on
and enjoy the next one
never giving a second thought
but what what would I do without that backspace
to make the hats and het's in thats and the's
so to make the comprimise i will
not like beofre but on my terms.
fuck you all.
20th-May-2008 02:10 pm - uni
sucks right now
sucks like poo
that is stuck on your shoe
that is stinking up your foot
that created that stink
left in your shoe
which is now covered with poo
16th-May-2008 04:46 pm - posting poems of posted items
pissing in panthers
pretty panty hose running
perfect beings being born
backward pimentos planted
loosely related peoples
partly precious lint
threaded beads spreading
clown shoes lacking footing
ads by google
twang by crushed cans
not so concise dictionary
listening to tinnitus
finding no beat.
25th-Apr-2008 02:51 pm(no subject)

i really hated being blonde

so much blonde

13th-Apr-2008 04:14 pm - you lot
I like to read and see how the world is doing
i like your adventures
and especially your photos
of you, and of your artworks
maybe one day i'll write a story or post an essay
but for the time being i'll just keep reading
18th-Mar-2008 05:14 pm(no subject)
the scientists
sonic youth
cat power and the dirty delta blues
angela davis lecture tonight
summer without a bob log tour:(

i even heard g love from the fence, how is it he sounded amazing even from the fence?

do i really need to see the jesus and mary chain after all ive seen in the last two months?

I will post pictures of the hair soon, there are so many from every shade i've been in the last month or so.

being blonde is not funny
15th-Jan-2008 09:24 pm - last year is nearly over
i'm over it
that's for sure
but here i am
fucking it up
all over again
i wish i thought
it was important
to do better
but sometimes
i don't know how
or why
i get by
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